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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 18:22

Why Choose Village Pharmacy

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The Pharmacists at Village Pharmacy have undergone extra training at Professional Compounding Centers of America. PCCA is the worldwide leader in prescription compounding.  This extra training may result in a better product for you. One example of how this can translate into a better product is with a drug called metronidazole suspension. Plain metronidazole has an awful taste and makes some people gag when they taste it.  Some pharmacists that don't know better will just crush some metronidazole tablets and mix them with a suspension base.  Instead, here at Village Pharmacy, we make all of our metronidazole suspensions with metronidazole benzoate, a tasteless form of the drug. While technically legal to do, crushing metronidazole tablets for a suspension is one of the biggest and most frequent mistakes we hear about.


Some drugs, when put in a liquid form, must be pH balanced to a certain pH (acid vs. base) range so that the drug does not degrade prior to the dose being given. We have a pH meter in house to assure that all compounds are made at the correct pH. There are some compounding pharmacies out there that do not adjust pH sensitive drugs to the proper pH. This can result in a subtherapeutic dose and lack of benefit.

Some old-school pharmacies still make ointments and creams the old fashioned way. Years ago, it was standard for a tablet to be crushed, and then mixed into a cream or ointment base. The final product was usually very gritty and the drug would not be completely delivered to the patient.  Village Pharmacy uses a modern-day ointment mill for all of its creams and ointments. The mill pulverizes any solid material in the cream/ointment and the resulting product is smooth and elegant.

As members of PCCA, we have access to clinically proven bases for our creams and ointments. PCCA has done extensive studies to prove that their bases deliver drugs through human skin.

As members of PCCA, we have access to the purest compounding drugs on the market. PCCA tests every lot of product that comes into their facility for repackaging. If the product does not meet their standards, they will reject the shipment. Their standards are much higher than the standards of United States Pharmacopeia.

We care at Village Pharmacy. We put our heart and soul into every prescription and try to treat each patient like they are family.

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